pop up cafe 

Cafe 004: Memory Salad


The artist invites everyone to participate in creating the piece by adding a select item to the salad along with a memory. As we mix and ingest a number of ingredients and memories, a curiously intimate exchange takes place between a mix of people.
This exchange will leave us with two recipes; one imagined and one experienced.

Cafe 003: With Or Without

27/08/2016 - 28/08/2016 

The base ingrediants have been chosen from various consumables that are banned across India (in recent times).

Click here for Menu and Pictures.

By Rebana John, Meena K Wells and Avinash Udupad.

Cafe 002: Yummeh Junk

20/11/2016 - 22/11/2016

We cook it up - Order by what your taste buds feel.

The menu is about texture, density, spice levels... surely tingle your creative senses.

By: Avril Stormy Unger, Renuka Rajiv and Aditya Pandya.

Click here for MENU: Chooser Experience.

Cafe 001: Health, Yuck!

16/10/2016 - 22/10/2016

Nothing you have heard or seen of before.

Warning - its all EDIBLE

By: Avril stormy Unger, Renuka Rajiv and Aditya Pandya.

Click here for pitures.

(CC) 2016 by Walkin Studios

289, 2nd Main Rd, 3rd Phase, J P Nagar, Bengaluru 78, India

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