Future Foundations, Part 1: Time and Space

Future Foundations.

Chapter 1: Time and Space

August 16th- 18th


Our idea of time and space is largely formed by the lifestyles we follow today, ticking from one scene to the next all planned in your calendar. A standard clock has been set making time directly equated to monetary gains. When is it that we actually “take” time to cherish something? Even in that moment we are concerned more about that picture, do we want to materials and preserve more than we want to experience? Or is the experience itself all about preserving?


Who are we and how do we relate with others? These are two fundamental questions, the answers to which render the changes caused by technology and the internet particularly evident. The way in which we shape our personalities and relate with our surrounding has changed dramatically.


We each perceive a reality. Each individual uses a point of view to perceive time and space. A set of events take place, and a set of people watch from different angles. Each frame moves, recorded as different frames. Each person in the room is in a different mindset, but the set of events will bring everyone closer to similar frame of mind, ie. perception of time and space. Essentially making a set of given events the only reality that can be shared between people. All else, the past and the future are invalid in the relationship, only the ‘moment’ is a fact. 


How do we relook at this present fact of ‘time and space’? Is technology another dimension in *space-time?



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