Wetspace Noise Drips


The idea of sound encompasses noise, music, and even what happens in your head. What is the sound you like? Or dislike? What is the sound you cannot live without? And what are the sounds you are forced to listen to?

In the city of Bangalore, filled with noise where you barely get a moment of silence, can listening have a new meaning?


We find in this city at the present there seems to be a congregation of sonic artists from Germany, USA, and various parts of India. It seems like a precious moment to bring all these artists together to create a one of a kind explorative ‘sound’ experience. These artists are bringing their practice into the space of Walkin Studios.


Over the 2 days of 4th and 5th November, the artists will be finding resonant nodes of the space within Walkin Studios. Creating different sonic activations of the space unique to the artists, interleaving drone zones running loops in their own times, occasionally to be burst into the now with live sound and performance....



Walk around, move around and keep your ears open.

Donor Pass: INR500/- for 1 day | INR800/- for 2 days

Ticket available here

Artist  details Soon